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  • New Ergonomically designed drill for professional tradesmen
  • Slim and compact design > ease of use in narrow space
  • Effective モin-lineヤ use grip
  • Powerful 350W motor > for robust application needs


  •     Made of high quality carbon steel with fine polish finish.
  •     Perfectly mated cutter, hardened and tempered Hardness of HRC 52-58 'C of all cutting edges
  •     Precision pliers for cutting rigid plastic easily
  •     OAL: 150mm
  •     The pliers are made for plastic cutting only.


  • Copper coated aluminium wire
  • 1000AMP
  • Simple and Reliable Operation, Compact During Storage and Suitable for Portable Use
  • Insulated Reinforced Handle for Protection, Comfort and Anti-Slip Gripping
  • The most compact tool in the Starlock range
  • Performance: Robust EC motor
  • Ergonomics: The smallest gripping circumference in the market
  • Ease of use: 3D interface with magnetic positioning support for mounting


  • Material: Reflection film polyester
  • Reflective Harness: waist circumference Perimeter: 15.7-23.2 inch (40-59cm) / Shoulder Straps Perimeter: 18.5-26.4 inch (47-67 cm) waist to shoulder Reflective Bands: easily fasten with durable Velcro.
  • Color: Fluorescent Green
  • The new standard in concrete drilling!
  • Extremely with powerful motor: 790 watts.
  • Quick-change chuck for fast changes between drilling with impact in concrete and drilling without impact in wood and metal.
  • Rotation stop for chisel function and fatigue free use.
  • Ball grommet for preventing cable breaks.
  • Overload clutch - for better protection of users and tool in case of jamming drill bit.
  • Auxiliary handle with depth gauge and soft grip for comfortable handling.
  • Quick-Change Chuck for easy switching between impact drilling in concrete and non- impact drilling in wood and metal.
  • 5 years warranty for leaking
  • Comfortable and convenience for everyday use.
  • water saving proven.
  •     Durable chrome finish
  •     Modern style, luxurious design
  •     Suitable for kitchen and bathroom basin
  •     smooth water flow and no splash flow
  •     Easy-to-operate single Handle
  •     Antioxidant and rust resistant
  •     Easy to install



Life Time Warranty Local Supplier Warranty


  • Nering handle for anti-slip & comfort
  • Serrated jaws made of chrome molybdenum material
  • Heat treated adjustable screw
  • Long staight nose provides easy access in narrow, hard to reach places
  • Ideal for precision work
  • Grip Vise jaws puts tremendous pressure onfour points at any style or bolt head
  • Straight jaws provides maximum contact on flat, square & hex work - ideal for welding & other metal work
  • Ideal for tightening, clamping, twisting and turning. Classic trigger release provides maximum locking force.
  • Constructed of high-grade heat-treated alloy steel for maximum toughness and durability.
  • Adjust pressure and work fit with turn screw that stays adjusted for repetitive use.
  • Darken welding Helmets are designed to protect the eyes and faces from spark, spatter, and harmful radiation under normal welding conditions.
  • Not enclosed design, but can complete keep out welding spatter, summer won't be hot and winter will not appear water mist on lens because of man's breathing.
  • Suitable for high welding operation temperature.
  • Material : Thermoplastic

Mind-blowing power in its class

  •  Ideal power-to-weight ratio
  •  Offers highest cleaning efficiency amongst its class
  •  Easy to service carbon brush
  • Compatible to all toilets. Size 15mm.
  • Very easy and quick self-installation (Most people take 10 minutes)
  • Made of durable high quality components
  • Quality chromium finishing
  • 1.2 meter stainless steel hose and std steel bracket
  • Great value for money
  • Color : Silver Tone, Orange
  • Material : Metal, Rubber;Overall Size : 300 x 190 x 14mm  (L*W*T)
  • Weight : 300g


  • Color : Silver Tone, Orange
  • Material : Metal, Rubber;Overall Size : 300 x 190 x 14mm  (L*W*T)
  • Weight : 300g



The pressure sprayer is suitable for garden irrigation, washing vehicle and other home application. It is equipped with shoulder strap which making it easier to handle and used practically



  • The compact variable speed drill is suitable for the most demanding conditions. The lightweight, high-performance engine and dual speed range provide optimum performance.
  • MAITENG MT8515 16.8V Electric Battery Drill Screwdriver Cordless Speed 2 Battery Rechargeable
    is available in a small package with a powerful high-performance engine and a compact design that enhances user comfort, especially when working in tight spaces over long distances.
  • Suitable for drilling and fastening of various materials such as wood, metal and plastic, suitable for applications such as finishing, cabinet mounting and HVAC work.

~Brand: Khind

◾~Most Affordable and Long Lasting Branded Wall Type Exhaust Fan

◾  3 years warranty on motor
  Powerful and Efficient 32W Motor

◾Built in safety thermal fuse for safety purpose
◾Anti Dust P.P Material for easy cleaning
◾Casing Fitted with Removable Oil Receptacle
◾Back Flow Louvers avoid reverse air flow
◾5 high Rigid Blades to reduce noise
 Product Code: [email protected]@4551
Size (length*width*height): 38cm x 38cm x 17cm

  •     Automatic ignition devices, and simple operation safety.
  •     Free adjustment flame size.
  •     Reusable propane tanks.
  •     Windbreak, waterproof suitable for outdoor activities and camping use.
  •     This product use safety, exquisite design, easy operation, easy to carry, is your ideal choice.
  •     Installation instructions is provided.


  • Product name: High Pressure HandHeld Drop-resistant Supercharged Shower Head
  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Interface: G1/2''
  • Color: white
  • Shock-resistant&anti-wear
  • supercharging effectively

4-Ways Cross Wrench Car Emergency Tyre Change SAE Lug Wrench 17mm, 19mm, 21mm, 23mm (14" inches)